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Swampy is a little different than other alligators in the sewers and he loves to take showers! Cut through dirt and guide water to Swampy’s shower across six challenging levels but keep an eye out for algae, tricks and traps!
In Perry’s levels, use water in all its different forms – ice, steam and liquid – to solve the puzzles and to help Agent P get to headquarters. Even super-sleuths need help!

• Now features over 250 water-filled levels
• 3 brand new levels to play every week – for FREE
• Use fans, water balloons, toxic water, switches, bombs, and algae to solve puzzles
• Meet Swampy’s friends including Cranky and the Mystery Duck
WHERE’S MY PERRY - Over 100 spy-themed challenges and growing!
The evil villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz has scattered all kinds of lasers across the sewers – you’ll need to use them to change water to it’s different forms to help power Agent P’s transportation tubes!
• Over 120 spy-themed levels featuring tons of 'Inators
• Collect all of the hidden dossiers to unlock bonus levels
• Try the brand-new Dr. Doofenshmirtz levels featuring the brand new Minion-inator!

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